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My mother used to tell me not to be so fresh. I have always been opinionated and it’s landed me in trouble more than once. I spent a good deal of grade three in the corner with tape over my mouth. Apparently, my teacher Mrs. Allen didn't value my opinions about her wardrobe and choice of lipstick colour. But hey, sometimes you just need someone to tell you what they really think right?

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When it comes to advice on home decorating or whether you should quit that job and move to France for a year, or break up with your boyfriend or get the pixie cut that looks so adorable on Michelle Williams, you can count on me to tell you what I think. 


My design background is simple. My classroom is the paint store and Good Will and garage sales and junk stores. It’s the library and travel and the natural world. It’s cookbooks and magazines and peering into people’s living rooms on my nightly walk.


I briefly studied interior design at the New York Institute of Art and Design but dropped out when I discovered I would have to learn how to measure a room to scale. I’ve moved too many times to count and each property has been a love affair.  I’ve been offering up decorating and life advice to my friends for decades which is a win win. They get my opinion and I get free wine. 


But my family is sick of listening to me wax on about painting floors high gloss white or a bedroom ceiling Borrowed Light. They won’t let me rearrange their furniture anymore. My children are grown and well, they never did listen to me, so it’s your lucky day. I’m all yours.

Ask me anything.

Tell me everything.

Join me.

Together we can create a space and a life you’re going to freaking love.


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