• There is never such a thing as too much white paint.

  • If your husband won't let you paint wood consider a divorce.

  • Every room needs something that is shiny and black. It looks expensive.

  • If you find something under two hundred dollars that you fall in love with, buy it. Even if it means you can’t pay your phone bill for a month you’ll never regret it.

  • Move shit around and often.

  • Everything in your home should tell a story.

  • Mix stuff up Be courageous even a bit foolish. I hang lobster claws on my Christmas tree. More on that later.

  • Tablecloths can make good curtains and visa versa.

  • Buy books. A room full of books is always beautiful. And if you actually read them as well as display them, you’ll be smarter.

  • Bring the outside in. Make displays. Rocks and pebbles are free. So is beach glass.

  • Stay away from silk flowers.

  • Never ever display signs that say Live Laugh Love. Just go do it.

  • Did I mention white paint?

  • There is a place for Homesense, just be very very careful. Don’t get carried away in there. It’s a slippery slope and before you know it, you’ve got one of those damn signs in your front hallway that says this way to the beach.

  • There is no place for beige ever. Even if they try and give it another name like faun or morel or pebble, it’s still beige.

  • Be bold. Paint your floors. Paint your doors. If you don’t like the result. Paint them again.

  • Throw things out. I know I know, you’re attached to that needle point cushion your ex boyfriend’s mother made for you but we both know it’s ugly. If you can’t throw it out, well, that’s where I come in.

  • Yard sales can be gold mines. Always have cash in your wallet.

  • Travel.

  • Things don’t have to match.

  • Stay away from faux anything.

  • Forage through your granny’s house. It’s a treasure trove. Get the stories. You’ll come home with some good stuff and your granny will be happy.

  • Rules are meant to be broken. Write your own story. Love every tiny little flaw and imperfection in your house. Let the light in.

  • Now get out there and have some fun, but if you go behind my back and paint your living room beige I’m breaking up with you.



© 2017 by Carol McPhee

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