Haint Blue

I just returned from a week in the French West Indies. Yes, I know you're jealous, but you still

have to pay off that student loan so be patient and live vicariously for a minute. Once you turn

sixty you can have a vacation too.

The reviews on Trip Advisor were mixed. Many complained about how the place needed

updating and so I was feeling a bit of apprehension about what my sister and I might be walking

into. What we walked into was Paradise Lost. Man the French sure know how to do it. The

grounds were laid out like a Parisian park. The food was full of butter and cream. In fact

everything those reviewers complained about, I adored. Give me furniture with old layers of

chipped paint and I'm one happy girl.

The colour de jour in St Martin was blue. Haint blue to be exact.

According to history, folks in the caribbean used to paint the ceilings of their front porches haint

blue as a way of keeping evil spirits away. If you google haint blue you’ll find a gazillion versions of this colour. I saw them all while we were there. The sky, the sea, the shutters, the fronts doors and yes the ceilings. I couldn’t get enough. And now, I feel a paint job coming on.

Quelle surprise.

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