So I have a confession to make. I'm a bit of a little thief. Let's be honest here. We all are. I get a tiny thrill when I leave a restaurant with a sugar spoon or a lovely french striped napkin in my purse. If I'm feeling especially brave, I''l nab a whole set. I've been known to pocket the guest room soap when I've been at a cocktail party. But right now is my favourite thieving season. It's lilac time.

From the time my children were small I would put them in the car after dark in their pyjamas and we'd comb the neighbourhoods looking for the perfect lilac bush. My daughter's job was to spot while I got my snippers and crept into someone's yard. They lectured me about how I had taught them stealing was wrong, but I know it was thrilling. And yes, I was a bad mom but my house smelled incredible. My daughter is almost thirty now and we still make it an annual thieving event with my grandson in the backseat keeping watch.

So make me proud. Get out there with your scissors tonight and fill your home with scent. If you get arrested I'll come and bail you out.

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