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Annual or Perennial?

It's a beautiful Monday morning and I have just come in from the garden. It's one of my favourite places on earth. My approach to gardening is much like my decorating philosophy. I just throw things in and see how they grow. If I don't like them, I move them or just yank them out. As I've mentioned before, I have moved many times and each time I've left behind a garden legacy. That is, after I have dug up half the plants and hauled them with me to my new home. I get attached to some of my plants. I call them my keepers.

Come to think of it, gardens are a bit like relationships. Some are perennial and hardy and survive the toughest of winters. Others are well, annual. You know the ones I'm talking about.

Those relationships that are all heady and intoxicating but don't stand a chance of sustaining a hard frost. Ive decided that's ok. Not everything is meant to last. Ex husband number one once told me he had treated me like a weed when he should have treated me like a rare tropical flower. I'm not kidding. He actually said that. Hence, marriage number two. He on the other hand, insisted on over fertilizing every bloody thing in the garden. He couldn't leave anything alone for a second. It's enough to say that in the end, that garden didn't thrive either.

If you're thinking about creating a garden, I suggest you plant some keepers, but by all means put in some of those showy rapid blooming annuals. They're pretty spectacular while they last.

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