If you've been reading along, you already know what a big fan I am of white paint. It solves so many problems and white washes so many flaws and mistakes. An easy and very gratifying solution and it always looks fresh. I've been following a number of design sites on Instagram that are entirely dedicated to white. Sometimes there are even small perfect looking children dressed in white, hugging a soft white bunny or little puppy while sitting on a pure white cotton sofa. Their lives look so freaking perfect.

So when I decided I needed to paint my dining room, I of course immediately thought yes, it's got to be white. I got out my stacks of decorating books and poured over them. This is a favourite past time of mine which basically means I have too much time on my hands and I like to live in a fantasy world. Who doesn't right? But on this particular day a room popped out at me that was painted the most beautiful rich colour, almost like the inside of a watermelon. I dragged the book to my local Benjamin Moore paint store and asked them to help me match the colour. It took three tries, but I finally got it right.

Now, my dining room is a big room with very high ceilings and I'm a scrawny little sixty year old lady but damn it I got up the ladder and got going. About an eighth of the way in, I started having second thoughts. Maybe the colour was too bright, maybe there was too much orange in it. Maybe I should have gone with the white. Maybe I'm too old to be balancing on one foot on an eight foot ladder trying to tape the trim. If I fell maybe no-one would find me for days and then the room might never get finished. I think I did mention in an earlier post I can be a bit of a catastrophic thinker. But I persevered. It took days. Im still sore and somewhat covered in paint splotches. But the room is gorgeous. It's a courageous, strong and hopeful colour and it works. Well at least I think so and the rosy hue makes my wrinkles slightly less visible.

So my great pearl of wisdom today, is if you're having a fantasy about going bold with paint, do it. Be brave. Get up on that ladder and find your balance. And when you're done if you need to post a pic with a fuzzy bunny, that's just fine.

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