The Shift

I know there are thousands and thousands of readers out there that have been wondering what the hell happened to me. Well, at least one for sure. Maybe. I decided to put myself in the time out chair for a while. After the episode with the big sis in hospital I kind of needed to go silent and wait for inspiration to show her lovely face. Apparently I waited quite a while. And now Im back with great wisdom and lots of news.

As you all know, Paco and I had been enjoying a wonderful long distance relationship. Living the dream. Condo in the big city, cottage on a lake and of course my magical victorian in Stratford. It was fabulous. And as it turns out exhausting. I could never remember which place I had left important items like hair volumizer and my favourite white tee shirt.Never mind medication and reading glasses. My suitcase was always semi full. Our time together often seemed pressing like we had to pack a full life together into a weekend. Turns out in your sixties, fatigue is an issue. And the exhaustion I felt after caring for my sister really made me take stock. Suddenly the pleasure I got in being alone during the week admiring my art and fluffing pillows and rearranging candle sticks and design magazines wasn't as gratifying. Mom is dead now so she clearly wasn't going to need me anymore and the grandson who is growing like a weed is spending more time with his other family in Toronto. So...wait for it....on a whim, I put my house up for sale on Kijiji and sold it in five days. I watched the woman who bought it, fall in love with it in exactly the same way I had. That made the sale much much easier for me.

That was three months ago. I arrived in Toronto at the end of July with a truckload of treasures to live with someone who remarkably is not flapped by my tendencies toward anxiety and OCD. He's given me cart blanche to decorate our new home. And I've actually compromised and let him put a dish rack on the kitchen counter. Ok, I bought a red one so at least it's stylish.I'm still struggling with his electric toothbrush on the counter in our bathroom but I'm getting there. Ok I confess, I do hide it during the day when he's not home. His post divorce IKEA furniture fits perfectly in the newly renovated basement at his cottage. After months of running the what if's around in my head in the middle of the night I no longer live alone. Our biggest issues are bedding related. I need a heap he needs only a sheet. Old people problems.

After the move, we escaped to the cottage for two glorious weeks and collapsed. Moving at our age is not for the faint of heart. Normally the day of transition from place to place is anxiety causing for me. But this time, as I was exiting ( yes I still need to bring my own car because you just never know when crisis might hit ) we both smiled and said see you at home. How simple is that?

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