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Sixty Something

I've been having difficulty getting out of bed the last few weeks. It appears relocating at sixty one isn't as easy as I thought. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the incredible choices I have in this amazing city but maybe that's just it. Maybe there are too many for this old granny. Paco is still in the throws of running a company downtown and is long gone for the day before I wake up at the crack of nine with a weight on my chest that I can't really name. Some mornings I give myself permission to lay there until until the unnamed angst lifts. And then I have to pee because I have a sixty one year old bladder and I'm up having a shot of espresso and good to go for the day.

I'm working on creating some structure to my week. I started a screen writing course and it's not one just for seniors. I'm the oldest person in the class by at least a few decades. I'm mostly there to snoop about what other people are writing. I also meet my bestie once or twice a week. We're working on a film script. Stay tuned It's going to be awesome. Well at least we think so. Now Im looking for a yoga studio for old skinny brittle white ladies. Wish me luck. I'm learning to use the subway because I'm afraid of crushing Paco's bicycle trying to back my giant SUV out of our very tiny garage. I'm going to buy myself a trundle buggy so I can march up to the corner and buy my produce and I got myself a public library card. I'm doing my decor magic in our new place which by the way has a wood burning fireplace in the living room and the bedroom. Paco sleeps with barely a sheet on at night so I'll wait until he's at the cottage and I can have popcorn for dinner in bed with a fire going and Netflix.

I made some new friends this week. OK, I confess they're the twenty something year old sales girls at the clothing boutique up the street but I have to talk to someone during the day. I'm getting used to having someone come home at the end of the day. It's a very lovely thing that still surprises. It makes me happy even if he does leave his tooth brush on the counter in the bathroom.

And hey, this happened a few days ago. A little project I helped create and produce. Have a

peak. We won best short for our film Little Black Dress. Maybe sixty year old girls rock after all. See link below. Ciao.

Forest City Film Fest Awards

password: formothers1

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