The Fall

It's coming. I can feel it in my bones. Well, I can especially feel it in my bones this year because I actually had a fall. Like a fall on your butt on a rock at the cottage fall. The good news is I'm not as brittle as I thought I was . These things matter when you're a woman in her sixties. I spent my first winter back in Toronto trying to navigate icy streets to get to the corner store for smokes without a fall. It almost drove me to becoming what I refer to as the pole walkers who roam my neighbourhood in Toronto in all kinds of weather. That however could have been another slippery slope because those people don't dye their hair and I'm never going to be that person. Ever.

I find the older I get, the more work it is to just maintain. Yoga helps. Never mind striving to achieve that headstand pose, I need yoga so I can still get out of bed without hurting myself. And I have to get out of bed because if I don't I might just pee a little. This happens too when you're in your sixties. Also it doesn't help to be sleeping in a bed that I almost need a step stool to get into. Paco is a big guy and requires a large bed. I kind of feel like the princess and the pea. And let's talk about sleep. When I was younger, I would curl up in one position and wake nine hours later having not moved. Now I'm a thrasher. I toss and turn. And according to Paco, I snore on occasion which makes me cringe. And food? When exactly did I become a senior eater? It takes Paco and I three meals to finish one small steak. On the other hand finishing a bottle of wine at one sitting still seems to be in my wheelhouse thank god.

So back to the fall. September is almost here. I'm preparing. A little structure is a good thing. I'm writing with my bestie. We're working on a script about two women lost in their fifties who decide to run away from their lives but actually don't get further than the mall. And they're ok with it. And we're ok with it. There's a lot going on at the mall. We're also getting ready to go into production for my Little Black Dress II script. Lots of ex-husbands making cameos in the change room. Exciting times. Kind of my new version of back to school.

After not blogging for almost a year, I of course forgot how to. Memory...I'll get to that in my next post.

But before summer ends, one more trip to the cottage. No fall for me this weekend. You'll be hearing from me soon.

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